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[Problema] Windows 10 edition?

Please can you explain the difference between normal Minecraft for pc (which I have) and this windows 10 edition?
Microsoft will keep updating movies download normal minecraft right? : S
These people are going to force that evil or peoples people with this great game.
Are there exclusive things to windows 10 Do we get in normal minecraft? (Modificato 27/12/2018, 06:09 da Henrryparth.)
@Henrryparth Let's say that the difference between minecraft bedrock edition (windows10) and minecraft java edition you notice, the bedrock edition for example if I'm not mistaken, some blocks are more difficult to break and the slots of the trunks are not the same, they also change some minecraft laws and some bug but it is still a more fluid version than the java version.

However I think you have the wrong forum, this is dedicated to Italians.
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