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[Update] Minecraft snapshot & release 1.9 - The Combat Update - Post ufficiale

07/08/2015, 12:14EnderGhost ha scritto:
07/08/2015, 12:12CapoFantasma97 ha scritto: Secondo me questo è un uso più geniale degli Shulkers
Scusa, mi puoi spiegare le meccaniche? Cosa c'entrano gli Shulker?

MinecraftMonkeyMan ha scritto:would you mind explaining how?

Sticky_greNate ha scritto:Sure!
  • Well first I tried using Shulkers with the Invisibility effect, but there is a bug currently where the inside of the Shulker doesn't quite become invisible, so you would see a very glitchy Shulker. I ended up having to re-texture the Shulker to be invisible.
  • Second, the Shulkers are riding an invisible ArmorStand, to allow me to teleport them (If you try teleportation on the Shulker itself, it will do nothing.)
  • Third, to get the appearance I also have a FallingSand entity with the Smooth Andesite Tile ID riding another ArmorStand in the same location as the Shulker's ArmorStand.
  • And then to wrap it all up I have all ArmorStands with a certain name teleported in the correct direction, overall giving a smooth effect. (Modificato 07/08/2015, 12:33 da CapoFantasma97.)

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